With the coming of spring this week, it brings us to home improvement season again.

The plants that normally spend 9 months out of the year on the enclosed front porch were moved back out there yesterday. Two of them are enormous palms so there is now tons of empty space in my dining room and foyer. Maybe we’ll run some electric out there and give them a grow light before fall. Or install some heat. Radiant heating sounds like a great idea, I’ve been wanting to do something about the floor out there since we moved in. The original Lynn plan shows it as an open porch but either originally or since 1939 it was enclosed. It’s basically just a concrete slab that is painted with an indoor/outdoor carpet thrown over it.In the summer the temperature in the afternoon can reach 100 easily on a warm day with the after non sun, so something needs to be done about that too. Maybe shutters, but those are so expensive.

I never got around to filling our sidewalk cracks last summer. When I had the funds for the materials I would have weeds, or pavement ants. Oh I hate both.My husband is no help on this one, he thinks we should just get all new sidewalks, but only because he loves to see the cement truck.We aren’t at that point yet, so repair it is.

The next thing on my list is our basement window frames. Today I noticed the peeling paint. It is probably only one, since it is the last original window. Of course it is right next to one of the places the sidewalk looks like hell, right next to our side door.

Up next is doing something about the forgotten side beyond that going to the gate to the back yard. The previous owner had thrown a few large stepping stones in that general area, but they get overgrown with grass most of the time. I’m thinking it is time to clean that up. We’ve got leftover landscape edging from our project last summer to improve drainage. Maybe pull out the grass, stake some edging then put the stepping stones in with some rocks. Pinterest is to blame for that, but that might be the cheapest project of them all. River rock is cheap and I have everything else. And less grass to mow!

Speaking of grass, living so close to Lake Michigan we have very sandy soil.Whatever topsoil we have was put there purposely.My neighbor pays a service to chemically treat his lawn and still has Bermuda and crabgrass, they seem to just love our yards.Having a puppy that loves to dig for moles and otherwise killed most of the grass with urine spots, has wrecked my backyard too, so I’m going with microclover this year.It is nitrogen fixing so that should help with the dead yellow lawn problem, and it fills in quickly so that should help with the invasive grass problem. Seeing a lush green backyard again will be so nice, I can’t wait to get the seed ordered and planted.

My daughter’s school is doing a fundraiser of bulbs and plants which should take care of the outside. I was hoping to get some seeds started so I don’t have to pay for annuals but we’ll see. I also need new fence baskets too.

So much work! Maybe my first job should be building some patio furniture and pergola so I have somewhere to rest while doing all this work? A pergola for the patio sounds awesome…