I found this in my drafts today. I can remember the day I wrote it. It was hot out, late spring in 2014. I was already uncomfortably pregnant with daughter two and in no shape to move anywhere until after she was born in November, but my patience had run out and I was venting. I never finished the part about moving to the other side of Bridgeport, though I don’t know how we would have swung it. Rents are way too high and to purchase is well out of my pay range. Highland Indiana eventually won out when we found our perfect little (maybe Sears) house for cheap with a move in date of the last day of daughter number 1’s school year. I call that good timing.

Cute house below, pictured as it was the day we moved in. There have been some improvements since then, but compared to where we were coming from, I have no complaints.


Below is the post as it was saved, again, I never got to the Bridgeport part but I guess that was meant to be.


It’s time to move. To unshackle my little family of renting a substandard apartment in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood (west side, not the fancy east side by US Cellular) and move to greener pastures. Like a house with a bathroom that isn’t on display at the Museum of Science and Industry. I’m not joking about that either. The toilet when we moved in was the same one like we saw at the museum. The clean water pipe cracked after a year and that is not something you can fix so our landlord begrudgingly replaced it. However the tub and sink are still original 1908 and not refinished. YUCK. We also have developed a ceiling leak that my landlord cannot identify, though we believe it is water from the roof sneaking it way down through three floors along the main lines. Ceiling peeling back water leak. So gross.

So basically we have two major choices, and two additional ones that we are flexible toward if the right opportunity came along.

So what is holding us back? The choices are rough. We‘ve been spoiled with stores and restaurants a quick two block walk away. Public transportation easily accessible meaning there is no need for a second car. On the flipside the reason we feel compelled to move, besides throwing thousands of dollars out the window on rent, is that our neighborhood has issues with gangs. I can remember when I was my daughters age, I got to play outside without fear. Not so much here.

So here are the choices…

Northwest Indiana (The Region) and Bridgeport (East Side)

Northwest Indiana is a good choice for families. I grew up in The Region so I know the area well. Pros include nice houses some in our price range, highly ranked school systems, close to Chicago, and some things within walking distance depending upon where you live, closer to family. Cons are no public transportation, some areas in a flood plane, commute to my job downtown, second car required.

Bridgeport (East Side) is a good choice for