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Time does fly when you’re enjoying life and working too hard. It’s been so long since I posted anything to this blog, and so much has happened. Let me recap the high and low lights of the past 4 or so years.

  • Had another baby. We call her stinkbug junior, sweet pea or panda bear, depending on how she is acting. Lately, being 2, we just call her a jerk. Toddlers can be vicious, but she’s getting better. She has now entered the comfort object phase, which is super cute because when she goes to bed at night she wants to grab toys and blankies to take with her, not to play with but just to have close. It’s cute, much cuter than when she throws a tantrum and pounds her little size 8’s into the wall.
  • Fled the city of Chicago back to the Region. I can write for days about why, but the details are for another post or several all their own. For now we’ll go with two kids, one dog, aging parents and in-laws, lack of affordable housing and three homicides within blocks of me. The commute sucks, but I sleep much better at night now not having to play ‘gunshots or fireworks.’ No one should have to play that game.
  • The house is awesome! Well, we’re working on awesome. Right now I’m happy with structural solid, newer bathrooms with ceiling not falling down, non-flooding basement and remodeled kitchen. There is very little ick factor, maybe the closet under the basement stairs but only because it is the great unknown to me. It’s probably fine, but I’m not looking in there. My husband says it’s fine, but seriously, not looking in there ever. Maybe some day, I need to find the lumber stamps.
  • Our house may be a Sears home. So far I haven’t turned up any blueprints, and I only found grease pencil on one header in the basement, partially obscured, but I don’t give up easily. The dimensions of the original house match the plan of the Lynn, circa 1939. Next week I’m going to go visit my building department and the county recorder of deeds to see what I can turn up to support that theory, but we may never know.if it is a real Sears kit home, or just matches the plan.

That’s all that I can think of for now. I’m sure there is much more, but it’s a start. More posts to come soon.