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Having a toddler and being a salaried employee at a company under a hiring freeze means I miss the news a lot. On a good day I’m only at the office for ten hours but lately it has been dragging on to eleven. Add in commuting time and I’m lucky if I’m home by 8 most nights.

While I’m incredibly grateful to have a job that I love, it does not leave much time for much during the week. As soon as I hit the home front, it’s the arsenic hour. Cook, feed the toddler, feed the dog, feed myself, give the toddler a bath, cleanup and do chores. Spend time with toddler watching a video, read bedtime story. By the time she goes to bed, all news is over and it is bedtime for me too.

I basically get by on whatever I hear on NPR on Morning Edition or World View in the evening. This week it was the nonstop Syria show. I recall hearing some brief mention of flooding in Colorado on Morning Edition on Friday morning, but I only recall hearing about Greeley and Ft. Collins. I meant to check online all day Friday to see which other towns were affected but as usual had no time and no lunch hour to do so.

Last night and today I kept thinking I was forgetting
to do something. Did I forget to call someone on their birthday? Forget to pay a bill? Feed the dog? Nope on all three. It wasn’t until I spoke to my parents this evening that they told me my brother and his family had to evacuate from their town. They live in Lyons, a small town where both branches of the St. Vrain run through before they join up and head for Longmont. Lucky for them they live on high ground not directly near the river, so they did not flood. However with no power and the water treatment plant out of commission for an estimated two months, they had to evacuate. With all roads out of town cut off I have no idea how they got out, I’m just glad they are safe.

Having been to that area a few times to visit over the years, it makes me incredibly sad to see the devastation I’ve seen in pictures online. Normally when you look at pictures of a natural disaster you don’t recognize the streets and businesses, it is just news, it’s fresh to your mind. While I was looking at pictures tonight I saw the road into town under water, the old caboose, the bank of the creek, all things I’ve seen before. In another picture from Longmont I saw a Humvee blocking a road and I know I’ve driven on it before.

I know no one deserves to have their town torn upside down by mother nature, and living in a town with two creeks in it is tempting her at its best, but it’s still sad to see the aftermath. I pray the rain forecasted for Sunday doesn’t come.

Lyons is a great town filled with great neighbors. They will come together and rebuild and the story of the flood of 2013 will be another page in the history of this little town at the gateway to the Rocky Mountains.

We love you Lyons Colorado. Stay safe and God bless.