Finally Bridgeport has blue carts for recycling. On August 12th we had our first pickup. Since my post last year I have been diligent about taking the recycling to a drop off, but I’m only human. Load up the car with unwieldy bags of recycling every week or two, or pile them on the back porch so hubby can take them to the blue cart in the alley? No contest on that.

I have to laugh though, when the carts were delivered to our block in early July, they were left in front not in the alley. They had little instruction packs with information on what is recyclable and a calendar with the pickup dates of every two weeks on normal trash day. That wasn’t the funny thing though, it was that some of my neighbors must not have heard of blue carts because they sat out front on the sidewalks for a few weeks. I haven’t been through the alley lately to see how many people are actually using the carts but I don’t doubt that if my building fills ours up someone around us will have one that isn’t full. I’m just happy that we have them in our neighborhood as an option for everyone that wants to recycle.