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Anyone else tired of the Empower Network? It seems every other post on Craigslist under writing and even some freelance writing websites have links to this company and the bare chested founder. It wouldn’t bother me so much, but the posts always make it sound like a legitimate writing job. Then you click the link and you’re back to a shill for the Empower Network. Do a search for the company and you’ll get page after page of ‘I drank the kool aid’ followers dying to get you to sign up for their $25 a month hosted blog sites.

Then I read today that somehow Google ranks these pages higher than others for some reason. I need to look more into that. I may have to start being more discriminating with my choices of search engines. I think I’ve seen enough of those sites with their cheesy graphics to last me a lifetime. There is something about the yellow play icon that makes me twitch.